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Why is my skin so dry?

Queens, Natural Opulence is more than just a Salon for my Queen Micro Locs but I also offer my Luxury Vegan Hair & Skin Food products too and a lot of clients ask me this question!

Well, there are many reasons why your skin is feeling dry and cracked!

1. You are not drinking enough water to help keep yourself hydrated from the inside!

So if your skin is dry and dehydrated, so is your insides because you are what you eat and whatever is going on internally will definitely show up on the outside through your skin or through your hair😦

2. You are not eating enough fruits and veggies!

Especially Watermelon, Cucumbers, Kiwi, Blueberries, Broccoli, Oranges, & Strawberries because these foods are high in Vitamin C which are also antioxidants and they are needed to support the immune system, promote radiant hydrated & moisturized skin, and help heal blemishes and other skin issues♥️

Your body needs to be fed these foods for all of the minerals and nutrients that they contain and your skin needs to be fed these foods as ingredients in the products as well❤️

3. Side effects from some medications have been known to dry out your skin!

4. Last but definitely not least:

Using bath and body products that are not plant based but contain chemicals in them can definitely dry out your skin!

A lot of these soaps and lotions that you are buying from these big chain bath and body stores are normally made with synthetic chemicals and fragrances in them and it’s much cheaper to use these chemical ingredients than to use organic Plant-Based ingredients so that is why they can sell them as cheap as they are and when you are buying and using these products, the ingredients are irritating and drying out your skin😧

The skin is very delicate and it’s the largest organ on your body and whatever you put on it is absorbed through the bloodstream and could cause a overload of toxins in your body and the end result could be eczema, psoriasis, acne, itchy and burning skin😦

I know these products in these Bath & Body stores smell good, you can probably smell them on the outside before going in the store and the sale prices are sometimes hard to resist but your skin health is way more important!

Your skin health should be more than just a price tag but you deserve the very best pure and natural goodness not just in your body but also ON your body❤️

Your soaps and other skin care items don’t have to have chemicals in them just for them to smell good!

Choose my local handmade products with plant based ingredients and see won’t you be able to tell the difference in the way your skin feels❤️

Queens, don’t just care about the ingredients in the food that goes in your body but also care about the ingredients that goes in the products that you are feeding your skin❤️


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