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What are key lines?

Hey Queens,

I use Key Limes in my recipes and not regular Limes so I wanted to show what key limes look like and why I use them!

The difference between limes and key limes are their size and key limes have seeds where as regular limes do not!

We are to eat fruits that are seeded and not the ones that are seedless and Genesis 1: 29 in the word of God says so!

Key limes are not gmo (genetically modified) and the benefits of using them are Amazing!

Key limes help fight infection, slows aging, helps with type 2 diabetes, can fight against cardiovascular disease, helps enhance digestion, fights certain types of bacteria and can fight against peptic ulcers.

Key limes are not easily found in the grocery stores, you have to go to the Asian Markets, Walmart, and some Krogers.

Me personally, I buy mine from the Winchester Farmers Market, you can always find them there!

Be Blessed Queens,


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