*New Salon Policies*

Please read!

Queens, please know that on Thursdays- Saturdays those are my personal off days dedicated to myself and my family and I will not be available to respond to emails or text messages during these days until I return to the Salon on Sundays- Wednesdays which are my regular business hours and days.

1. *Cancellation Fee*

A non refundable deposit is not needed to reserve appointments however, when you make your appointments, you will need to put in your card info and you have 2 days to cancel your appointment and if you don't cancel within the 2 day window your card will then be charged the $50 cancellation fee. And if your card declines the payment then there will be a $10 fee added making it a total of $60 and a invoice will then be sent out and the fee is due at the time it is sent out. A new appointment can not be made until the invoice has been paid. 


(Please note that the cancellation fee is non refundable and


non transferable)


2. *I am unavailable to conduct business matters on my off days


which are Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays 

because those days are my personal days for my family and 

myself. So if you call, text, or send an email during those days, 

please do not expect to receive a response until I return to the 

Salon on Sunday and I apologize for any inconvenience.

3. * Phone Calls During Business Hours*

Because I am very busy servicing clients at the Salon, there may be times where I will not answer calls during business hours because I respect my clients and I do not want to take away from their personal beauty time. So if clients call the Salon and I don't answer please leave me a voicemail or send me an email and I will respond at my earliest.

4.*Please Be On Time*

Please do your best to be on time for your beauty appointment. I do understand that things come up at the last minute because sometimes I may run behind myself on schedule but because I respect my clients and their time, I always send a text or email to let them know and I ask that you repect me and my time as well by contacting me and letting me know. There is a 15 min grace period and if you have not arrived within the grace period and have not texted or emailed, there will be a late fee of $25 added to your balance and unfortunately, you would need to reschedule.

5. *Please make sure that your email and Salon App notifications are turned on so you don't miss the pop up cancellations or any important emails that I regularly send out.

6. *No Children Please*

Please make prior arrangements for your children so that you will not have to bring them with you to your beauty appointment. The Salon is not a child friendly enviroment and your appointment can last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours and it will not be fair to make them sit and wait all that time.Unfortunately, if you bring children, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment and your card will be charged the cancellation fee.

7. *Your Beauty Time *

When you schedule your beauty appointments, please make sure that you are scheduling a day and time that will allow you to be free and not in a rush to get out by a certain time. This is your "me time" and you deserve to have enough time to get pampered. Besides, I pride myself on working in a "spirit of excellence" and it is very important that I provide the best services to all clients but if I am rushed, that could possibly compromise my ability to do my best.

8. *Lastly, Natural Opulence is place of peace and relaxtion, a "work free zone" and it is solely meant for each client to indulge and enjoy your personal beauty experience so I ask that you please leave all Laptops and work related items at home. At Natural Opulence, you should not be focused on anything else but yourself at that time. And besides, when you are holding your head down working, it makes it hard for me to work properly so I ask that you please respect my Salon Policies.

*Bringing Tablets to play games or to read is fine because those things add to the relaxation*

Thank you so very much for understanding!

God Bless,

See you soon

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