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*Salon Policies*
Please read!

1. *No Profanity or loud music on your phones Please*
Natural Opulence is a very peaceful and serene atmosphere where the 
presence of the Lord dwells so out of respect to the Lord and my salon policies, I ask that you not use any form of profanity or play any loud music/videos and please do not have your phone conversations on speaker at any time.
Thanks very much for understanding!

2. *Please do not come smelling like cigarette smoke
I am not a smoker and I think that its disrespectful and unhealthy because once the smell of smoke comes into the Salon, that smell lingers and it can mess with my respiratory system and that of my other clients that do not smoke so please mam I ask that if you are a smoker, please do it any other day but the day of your appointment before you come into the Salon

3.*I am unplugging on my off days*
Queens, "self care" and spending quality time with my family is very important
so I will not be available to respond back to texts and emails on my off days which are Thursdays- Saturdays.

These are my personal days and I will be unplugging on those 
days so please don't think I am ignoring your messages but if any text or emails are sent on my off days, they will be answered when I return to the Salon on my regular business days which are Sundays- Wednesdays.
You may still be receiving emails or seeing social media post on my off days but please know that those emails and post have already been pre scheduled to come out on certain days.
Family time and "self care" is very important to me and I thank you in advance for understanding!

4. *Cancellation Fee/ No Show*

A non refundable deposit is not needed to reserve appointments however, when you make your appointments, you will need to put in your card info and you have 2 days prior to your scheduled appointment to cancel your appointment and if you don't cancel within the 2 day window your card will then be charged the $135 cancellation fee which is half of the Retigthtening Service amount. And if your card declines the payment then there will be a $10 fee added making it a total of $145 and your card on file will automatically be charged but if the payment declines, a invoice will be sent and the payment has to be paid before A new appointment can be made.  


(Please note that the cancellation fee/no show fee is non refundable and


non transferable)

5. * Fees for Declined Credit Card Payments On Online


Product Orders *

Please be aware that if you place an order online for products and your credit card comes back as declined, but you have already recieved your order, the amount of the order will need to be paid plus there will be a $40 inconvenience fee that will be applied and the system will be deducting that amount from your card on file.

If the fees are declined, you will not be able to order future products until the fees have been paid.

6. * Phone Calls During Business Hours*

Because I am very busy servicing clients at the Salon, there may be times where I will not answer calls during business hours because I respect my clients and I do not want to take away from their personal beauty time. So if clients call the Salon and I don't answer please leave me a voicemail or send me an email and I will respond by the end of the day.

7.*Please Be On Time*

Sometimes things do come up at the very last minute that may cause you to run a little behind and I totally understand that.

But it is very important that we begin appointments on time because I am very serious about giving each Queen 1st class quality "me-time" during each beauty appointment.

However, I am on a schedule with each appointment and it would be unfair to the client coming after to make them wait because I am running over since I got started late.

So I ask that if you are running late please let me know.

Out of respect to your time, I communicate if I am running late and I ask that you do the same out of respect to my time as well.

There is a 15 min grace period and if you are later than 

15 mins for your appointment and have not notified me 

that you are running behind then unfortunately we will 

have to reschedule your appointment for another time 

because starting late would cause me to run over and


late for my next appointment and that would not be fair at


8. *No Children Please*

Please make prior arrangements for your children so that you will not have to bring them with you to your beauty appointment. The Salon is not a child friendly environment and your appointment can last anywhere from 3 to 4 hours and children get bored and it will not be fair to make them sit and wait all that time.Unfortunately, if you bring children, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment for another time and your card will be charged the cancellation fee.

Thanks in advance for understanding!

9. * Your Beauty "Me-Time" *

When you schedule your beauty appointments, please make sure that you are scheduling a day and time that will allow you to be free and not in a rush to get out by a certain time. This is your "me time" and you deserve to have enough time to get pampered. Besides, I pride myself on working in a "spirit of excellence" and it is very important that I provide the best services to all clients but if I am rushed, that could possibly compromise my ability to do my best.

10. *Natural Opulence Is a Work- Free



Natural Opulence is a place of peace and relaxtion, a "work free zone" and it is solely meant for each client to indulge and enjoy your personal beauty experience so I ask that you please leave all Laptops and work related items at home. At Natural Opulence, you should not be focused on anything else but yourself at that time. And besides, when you are holding your head down working, it makes it hard for me to work properly so I ask that you please respect my Salon Policies.

*Bringing Tablets to play games or to read is fine because those things add to the relaxation*

11. *You can not cancel more than 2 Appointments*


If you cancel more than 2 appointments, you will automatically be withdrawn from the VIP Membership and you will and unfortunately, you will then have to go on the waiting list.

12. *Fee for extra new growth*

If your hair is more than 2 months off, that means that it will take a little longer and there will be an additional fee of $50 added.

I can only guarantee the health and wellness of your Locs only if you come during the correct time period which is 6 -8 weeks.

Thank you so very much for understanding!

God Bless,

See you soon

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