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Hey Queens Sunday Salon Pick-ups are back but things will be just a little different this time!

I stopped doing the Sunday Pick ups because I was always busy with a client in my chair and each time a client would come by to get their order, I would always have to stop servicing my client in the chair and give out orders.

It was unfair to my client in the chair because I would have to keep stopping and that was taking away from my client's beauty appointment and it was unfair to my clients that were coming to the Salon to pick up their orders because I didn't have time to properly fellowship with them and answer any product questions that they may have because I would be rushing to get back to my client in the chair.

So I have decided to bring back Sunday Pickups but it will only be from 12:30-2:30 ONLY which is the time that I take my break and that way by me doing Pickups between that time, I will not have a client in my chair and I will be free to greet clients and answer any questions that clients may have as they pick up their orders.


1. Salon Pick Ups are on Sundays ONLY from 12:30-2:30!

2. All orders must be placed online first and then you will just be coming to the Salon to pick up your order

3. Even though Sundays are pick up day, I will still send out emails or texts to let you know that your order is ready for pickup!

Just because pick ups are on Sundays doesn't always mean that your orders will be ready for pick up on that upcoming Sunday.

I make all products fresh and it still takes 3-4 days before the orders are ready and my advice is the earlier in the week  that you place your orders online, it's a strong possibility that your order will be ready for pickup on that upcoming Sunday so please don't just come by the Salon on Sundays to get your orders but please wait on me to send the email or text that your order is ready for pickup because I don't want anyone to make a blank trip!

And some of my Loc clients may want to just wait and pick up their products at their appointments and to my Loc clients if you ever decide  sometimes to get your orders at your appointment, just leave me a message when you place your orders online.

I will still offer the shipping as a option because I have customers that buy my products that live in other states as well!

Thanks Queens for your loyalty and continued support!
Be Blessed


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