Natural Opulence is way more than just a Salon and I am way more than just a Loctician!

I am the owner Rochelle Woods and I could not do what I do without the help of my Lord and Savior,  my wonderful husband and 2 awesome sons, its a blessing to have this family business!

I am the creator of the Queen Micro Locs Wellness System & a Plant Based /Vegan Lifestyle Enthusiast.
Over 10 years ago, The Lord began to show me how dangerous the chemicals are that we put on our hair and bodies and how they were causing many women to develop hair loss, skin disorders, and other health issues. So it was at that point, that I made the personal decision to return to my natural God given hair and since I began my natural hair journey it led to an increasing desire to develop a totally natural lifestyle for me amd my family.
And because of the importance of my health and because of the freedom and happiness that I was experiencing, on my own natural locs and lifestyle journey, I wanted to share it with others and make them aware of the importance of letting go of the harmful and toxic chemical relaxers, toxic braiding hair extensions, chemically based dyes and colors, etc . and just begin to embrace and celebrate the beautiful natural hair that God gave us!

Our hair is our Glory! ( 1 Corinthians 11:15) 

We are Queens and our own natural God given hair is beautiful on its own just the way that it is and that it is suppose to be healthy and growing in abundance!

And that women should stop abusing their hair with all the weaves, glues, relaxers, etc  and return back to the freedom of wearing their natural beautiful hair!

So that's when I created the Queen Micro Locs Wellness System so that women could fall in love and embrace their own Natural Hair and experience the amazing freedom that comes along with it!

At Natural Opulence Vegan & Lifestyle Salon, I not only focus on healthy natural hair and scalp care wellness, but I offer my Vegan Skin Care, Bath and Body Care, Hair Care Products, because I truly believe that God has given us all the fruits, veggies and everything in nature that we would ever need for the healing and restoration of our hair and our skin and I believe that what we put on the inside of our bodies is just as equally important to what we put ON our bodies so that's why I created everyday lifestyle products with nothing but the beautiful plant based ingredients that we have been blessed with!

My ultimate goal is to help promote healthy hair growth and beautiful radiant skin through God's Plant Based Beauty Foods!

I also offer Healthy Eating Tips, Healthy Living Tips and so much more so that every Queen that comes through my Salon door will be able to experience a complete lifestyle full of natural beauty and lifestyle wellness!  


-"And you shall indeed go out with joy and be led forth in peace"
-Isaiah 52:12