I am the owner Rochelle Woods and I could not do what I do without the help of my Lord and Savior,  my wonderful husband and 2 awesome sons, its a blessing to have this family business!
I am The Natural Hair Specialist and The Natural & Vegan Lifestyle Enthusiast.
Over 10 years ago, The Lord began to show me how dangerous the chemicals are that we put on our hair and bodies and how they were causing many women to develop hair loss, skin disorders, and other health issues. So it was at that point, that I made the personal decision to return to my natural God given hair and since I began my natural hair journey it led to an increasing desire to develop a totally natural lifestyle for me amd my family.
And because of the importance of my health and because of the freedom and happiness that I was experiencing, on my own natural journey, I wanted to share it with others and make them aware of the importance of letting go of the harmful and toxic chemical relaxers, colors, etc . And then I started meeting a lot of clients that wanted to transition but did not know how to properly because they were under the impression that they would have to cut all of their relaxed hair out and for some this would be a very tramatic experience because they would loose a lot of hair so I knew that there had to be another way to transition without clients having to cut off all their hair.
So then God gave me a way to help women transition without having to do the "big chop" by offering my "Signature"TreeBraiding Technique.
For over 10 years now I have been specializing in my "Signature"Tree Braiding Technique which is a very elegant and healthy protective style that gives your own hair a rest while promoting healthy hair growth in the process. It is a great alternative because I knew the importance of transitioning the proper way and doing that time, clients should not be manipulating their hair at all with heavy styling, excessive combing, flat irioning, etc.
Although Tree Braids are a very healthy and beautiful style, they were never meant to wear forever. They are only meant to help clients transition easily by protecting their hair and allowing the relaxer to grow out naturally. Tree Braids are an essential part to my healthy hair care regimen but only to help clients move from one phase of relaxed hair to a new phase of beautiful healthy natural hair where they can begin to wear their own natural hair with confidence and elegance.
At Natural Opulence I  focus on healthy hair and scalp care fitness by only providing natural holistic services with my own line of  Handmade Vegan Hair, Bath, & Body Care Products that are made with using only the finest and freshest farm raised ingredients that nature has to offer. My products and services will help to nourish, strenghen, and bring life back to weak, damaged, and brittle hair.
So not only do you come to Natural Opulence for your hair needs but also for your Chemical Free Lifestyle needs.