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I am a Locologist where I created my own Signature Vegan Queen Microlocs Growth & Wellness Locing System but that part was only a piece of the plan but the Lord has blessed my clientele in such a way where I am not able to accept any more new clients and now I am able to complete the other part of the plan and that is me shifting more into creating my Luxury Vegan Hair Growth & Skin Food Products!

So I am now the Vegan Hair Growth & Skin Food Chef and a Natural Beauty Lifestyle Enthusiasts!

 I just believe that we are ROYALTY!
We are Queens created in the image and in the likeness of God ( Genesis 1:26) We are fearfully and wonderfully made ( Psalm 139:14) and everything that God has created in and on us is PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL and Queens that includes our hair!

Queens our hair is our glory ( 1 Corinthians 11:15) therefore it should be growing and our skin should be glowing!

And I just believe that God has created everything in nature through fruits, veggies, herbs, and botanicals for the healing and nourishment of our hair , skin, and body!

I don't believe that we should ever have to compromise our health and wellness by using and  inhailing dangerous chemicals and toxins found in a lot of beauty products on the market today just to fulfill our beauty and skin care needs!

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and that includes our scalp too and as we continue to apply products that are chemical based, not only are they absorbed into our skin but they are also being absorbed into our blood stream which could cause all types of health issues internally and all types of skin disorders externally!

So that is why I decided to create an entire line of health and beauty products where we as Queens can escape the dangers of using these chemical and toxic base products that have been available to us!

Over 10 years ago, The Lord began to show me how dangerous the chemicals are that we put on our hair and skin and how they were causing many women to develop hair loss, skin disorders, and other health issues. So it was at that point, that I made the personal decision to return to my natural God given hair and since I began my natural hair journey it led to an increasing desire to develop a totally natural lifestyle for me amd my family.

And because of the importance of my health and wellness and because of the freedom and happiness that I was experiencing, on my own natural hair and natural lifestyle journey, I wanted to share it with others and make them aware of the importance of letting go of the harmful and toxic chemical relaxers, toxic braiding hair extensions, chemically based dyes and colors, soaps, body butters, lotions, etc and just begin to embrace and celebrate the beautiful natural hair and beauty that God gave us using the awesome plant based ingredients that He has created for us!

But I could do none of this without the help of my husband who ships every single order for me and my 2 sons that also helps to ship for me!

My ultimate goal is to help Queens see the beauty in their own crowns and the beauty in their own skin by  offering my Luxury Vegan Products that promotes healthy hair growth and  promotes beautiful radiant skin so Queens can embrace them both with confidence and elegance!

Beauty starts from within and works its way to the outside so healthy eating is essential for healthy hair and radiant skin so I also offer Healthy Eating Tips, Healthy Living Tips and so much more so that every Queen that uses my Vegan Products will be able to experience a complete lifestyle full of natural beauty and lifestyle wellness!  



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