10 reasons to start eating cucumbers now!

Cucumbers contain all of the multiple B vitamins and they are very low in calories but very high in nutrients. There are different ways to get cucumbers in your diet. For me, I love eating them on my salads, adding slices to my water to make a detox water, cutting them into slices and dipping them in my Homemade vegan Ranch dressing as a snack, cutting them up with some red onions and adding Apple Cider Vinegar, or just slicing them up and eating them alone. Cucumbers really keep your body hydrated which also means your hair, scalp, and skin will stay hydrated and refreshed!

The Beauty Detox Smoothie

This is a very good smoothie that I found online and I tried it and have been drinking it every since and I wanted to share it with you. Drinking this smoothie is a great way to get your fruits and veggies into your diet. Greens have more valuable nurients and minerals than any other food group on the planet! It is called the beauty detox smoothie because all of the ingredients inside really work to rid the body of nasty toxins , fill your body with the fuel that it needs and leaves your skin beautiful and radiant! 2 cups of Spring water 1/2 head of Organic Spinach 1 head of Organic Romaine Lettuce The juice of 1/2 of a Organic lemon 3 or 4 stalks of Organic Celery 1 Organic Banana 1 Organic

The Health Benefits Of Drinking Herbal Tea

I am a true tea lover! I absolutely love drinking hot tea and for me it doesn't matter if it is cold outside or not, I drink it on the regular because the health benefits are truly amazing and the taste and aromas are awesome! I keep it very simple, I just add a little raw agave and organic lemon, some people use raw honey and that is fine but I don't because I am vegan so I prefer the raw agave which is the natural plant based sweetner from the cactus plant and I tell you, it's delicious! Here are the teas and their benefits: 1. Peppermint Tea- relieves the symptoms of abdominal gas, bloating, and muscle spasams. 2. Ginger Tea- It stops nausea , vomitting, upset stomach due to motion sickne

9 Steps To Beautiful Radiant Skin

Here is my personal skin care regimen and I pray that it is a blessing to you! 1. Wake up every morning and find something to smile about. (Count your blessings and think about God's goodness to you)! 2. Sip on some warm lemon water before your first meal. (the water hydrates your skin and the lemon is antioxidant full of vitamin C which repairs the skin and keeps the body producing collagen so the skin stays looking young and fresh). 3. Hydrate your skin cells and flush out harmful nasty toxins by drinking plenty of fresh clean Spring water. They say half your body weight but I try to go for a gallon a day, the more the better. 4. Commit to daily organic plant based cleansers, moisturizers,

What is the Difference Between Juicing & Blending

Both juicing and blending makes it easier to consume and get more fruits and veggies in your diet.The biggest difference is really the equipment that you use . Personally, I love blending (Smoothies) because when you blend your fruits and veggies all the fiber stays in and you get every bit of that goodness. Also with the blending method, you get a thick smoothie packed with all the minerals and nutrients from the fruits and veggies with the pulp included which helps you feel full longer. As far as juicing goes, you get a juice drink which does not include any pulp,. However, juicing is great too because just the juice is being extracted from the fruits and veggies which makes it much easier

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