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What Causes Dry Scalp?

What exactly is dry scalp? Dry scalp is when the oil glands in your scalp are under active and unable to produce the necessary amounts of sebum which is the natural oil that your scalp produces and needs and not having enough produced will cause your scalp to become excessively dry.

Here are a few reasons that your scalp may not be producing enough sebum which could be the reason that you are dealing with dry scalp and they are as follows:

* Not drinking enough water!💧(Water keeps the scalp hydrated from the inside)

* A lack of nutrients from eating a unhealthy diet (not enough veggies/plants🥦🥑🥕🥬🥒)

* Cold and dry weather

* Shampooing too frequent

* Using harsh shampoos that contain chemicals

* Using heavy gels, spritz, and other styling products that contain alcohol

* Using products excessively (Using too much product can cause a build up on the scalp and it can clog the pores where the scalp can’t breathe)

* Eczema And other fungal skin disorders

* Lastly, Your scalp may be in need of a healthy detox/cleansing (again, too much product can clog your pores and keep your scalp from breathing and this could stop hair growth and cause dry and itchy scalp).


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