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"The difference between Vegan & Plant Based"

Hey Queens,

Most people are a little confused and are not really sure on what the difference is between Vegan & Plant Based. So many people think the two are the same but they are not at all!

Vegan means that you eliminate all animal products (all meats including seafood) and they also eliminate all animal by products like eggs, butter, honey, or anything that's made from an animal.

But here is my problem with some Vegans, just being Vegan or just saying that you are Vegan alone is not enough!

And I say that because for some Vegans, they eat a lot of junk food or whatever food just as long as it does not come from a animal and that could include greasy chips, cookies, processed vegan meats, etc

So you really want to be mindful of what you are putting in your body as a Vegan because just because it is not made with a animal, it still could be junk food and it could be high in sodium which could be unhealthy especially if you consume a lot of processed foods!

Then, there is Plant- Based and this is the term that I really prefer over just being Vegan.

Plant based means that the focus is on eating foods that come from plant sources or foods that grow from the ground and on trees like vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains like quinoa, spelt, wild rice, etc.

Plant Based eating still means you are not consuming animals or animal products like Vegans but with Veganism, they eat processed foods and fake meat like Beyond Burgers, veggie crumbles from Morning Star, etc but plant based eaters eat burgers, chickin strips, nuggets, etc but we make them from plant based sources.

For example, for hamburgers, instead of using Beyond Burgers which are made with plant based ingredients but they also may contain gmo’s and other chemicals added and because they are usually in the freezer and need to last, a lot of sodium goes into making them which can be unhealthy for your blood pressure so instead of the process burgers, we as plant based eaters use black beans, bell peppers, mushrooms, lentils, seasonings and blend them up in the food processor or blender and form them into patties and then bake them or cook them on the stove top.

So as you can see there is a difference between Vegan & Plantbased and I just prefer Plantbased because when you eat from plant sources or foods that God created to grow in Nature, those types of foods contain all the minerals, nutrients, and the nourishment that your bodies need to be healthy and strong.


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