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Sugar causes hair loss!

Hey Queens,

Sugar is linked to a ton of health issues and most people understand the dangers that sugary foods can do to the body but few people know that sugar can also cause hair loss!

Sugar can be just as damaging to the hair and scalp as it is to the rest of the body!

Everyone has a hair growth cycle phase and this is the time when the hair can either be growing or it could be resting and a high sugar intake spikes your blood sugar levels and can damage the hair follicles by disturbing the hair growth cycle and eventually causing the hair to weaken and fall out!😮

Sugar has absolutely NO nutritional value and it can throw off your hormones by increasing the DHT levels which is the hormone that can cause hair loss when it is disturbed!

Hormones play a very big part in hair growth and when their levels fluctuate, the lengths of each phase in the hair growth cycle is off and it causes inflammation on the scalp which is known to be key to alopecia and other autoimmune hair loss disorders😮

And once the scalp becomes inflamed, it will become red and itchy and the DHT levels can speed up the hair loss!

Queens, it’s not just chocolate and ice cream that contains sugar and that could be causing the blood sugar to spike but please also be aware of the other foods that have sneaky hidden sugars in them like:

White Breads

White Pasta

Processed Foods

Potatoes (Because they are high in starch and starch turns into sugar)

Refined Breakfast Cereals

Concentrated Fruit Juices

And the list goes on!

Reducing the consumption of these blood sugar raising foods can really help to maintain not just healthy bodies but healthy hair and scalp care as well!

Queens, please know that it is not just what you remove from your diet alone but it is what you choose as a replacement!

Replacing those empty sugar calories with whole natural foods like fruits and veggies and instead of sugar, you can use Agave Nectar which is what I use as my sweetener because it is a natural plant based sweetener from the Cactus Plant and it’s delicious!

I use it in my herbal teas, cooking, baking, etc

There are better alternatives to these dangerous foods and I will be sharing more healthy swaps and alternatives very soon!

Check back soon
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