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Fall into Wellness “Self Care” Season

Queens, did you know that “self care” is a very important part of your health and wellness?

“Self Care” just simply means taking care of yourself by doing things that relax you and make you feel good❤️

For some people it could mean taking a long hot bubble bath with candles lit and soft music in the background, it could mean taking the time to give yourself a facial or treat your skin with luxury products, it could mean getting a mani/pedi, or it could just mean sitting quietly and meditating on the word of God or reading your favorite book❤️

Queens you deserve this kind of royal treatment and your skin deserves this kind of luxury and your health needs this so that’s why I have created “self love” pampering kits that will help relax you and awaken the Queen in you!

Coming September 22nd!

Remember Queens, “Self Care” is not selfish but it is necessary......


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