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Did you know that sugar can cause hair loss?

Sugar is a chemical and it has absolutely NO nutritional value!

Sugar is linked to a ton of health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, just to name a few. And most people understand how sugary foods can affect their body but few people know how it can affect your hair and scalp and contribute to hair loss!

It can be just as damaging to the hair and scalp just as it is to the rest of the body and today I just want to give you a little insight on how harmful sugar can be when it comes down to the health and wellness of the hair and scalp.

1. A high sugar intake can spike your blood sugar level which causes the blood sugar level to fluctuate and over time of constantly consuming it, and the levels constantly going up and down, it can cause damage the hair follicles and eventually the hair will weaken and fall out.

2. Sugar can increase the DHT levels which is the hormone that causes and speeds up hair loss!

DHT is usually found in men and this hormone causes the hair follicles to weaken and miniaturize which contributes to hair loss and pattern baldness but this same hormone affects hair loss and pattern baldness in women as well.

3. If you already have scalp disorders like dandruff, candida yeast of the scalp, or super dry scalp, sugar can increase or even worsen those issues.

4. Sugar causes inflammation in the body but did you also know that it can cause inflammation in the scalp but in a different way. Normally when we think inflammation, we think of visible swelling or hot pain but in the scalp it reacts differently and its called "cold scalp inflammation". What this means is because the blood in the scalp is not circulating properly, the scalp can feel cold to the touch and for short term relief, a hot water compress on the scalp makes it feel better but the real long term solution is to do everything in your power to improve and regulate the blood circulation of the scalp.

The first and most important way to improve and regulate the blood circulation in the scalp is by eliminating the harmful sugary foods!

It's not just candy and ice cream that can raise your blood sugar but there are other foods that contain hidden sneaky sugars such as:





refined sugary breakfast cereals

Reducing consumption of these blood sugar raising foods can not only help you to maintain healthy hair and scalp but also a healthy overall lifestyle. And its not just what you remove from your diet alone but its what you choose as a replacement. Replace those empty sugar calories with naturally sweet fruits and wholesome veggies that are rich in hair growth nutrients like protein, fiber, B vitamins, Vitamin C and minerals like iron and zinc.

And lastly, make sure that you are going to a professional well educated Natural Hair Care Specialist that will provide you with the proper hair and scalp treatments that will help keep the hair healthy and the blood in the scalp circulating properly!


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