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Teriyaki Stir Fry Veggies on a bed of Quinoa

Hey Queens!

If you need a quick, easy, delicious, and healthy meal, well look no futher because this is it!

I didn't take any measurements for this one, I just eyeballed it, sorry 😞

First bring about 2 cups of water to a boil and add some Sea Salt and Vegan Butter then add 1 cup of Quinoa and let it boil until it's tender.

Then, while the Quinoa is cooking, I just took a skillet and added some Grapeseed oil and put in about a cup of mushrooms and let them sauté a few mins.

Then I added about a heaping handful of fresh broccoli to the skillet with the mushrooms and let them cook for a few mins too.

Then add some of your favorite teriyaki sauce, like Trader Joe's or Sprouts to the sauté veggies just enough to your liking, please taste them to see if you need more sauce, let them cook maybe for another 5 minutes and turn the stove off and set to the side.

Once the Quinoa is done, just scoop out a nice amount to your bowl or plate and top them off with the Teriyaki Veggies and you can top the veggies off with a few sprinkles of Sesame Seeds and Green Onions and enjoy!


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