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Do Hair Vitamins Really Work?

A lot of hair supplements on the market today make promises of longer, thicker, fuller hair but since there are so many out there, its hard to decide which one really works.

First, let's talk about how hair grows:

Healthy hair naturally grows 1/2" to 1" a month regardless and nothing can change that speed of growth so you should be seeing at least 6" to 12" of new hair growing per year! Wow how amazing would that be to see that type of growth each month? And in a year? And if you are not seeing that kind of growth each month then it could mean that your hair and scalp is unhealthy and its usually due to poor nutrition, sickness, medications, stress, scalp disorders, etc and if you have any of these issues, this could cause you not to be seeing the growth that you are suppose to be seeing, actually it could keep it from growing at all. And then people start taking vitamins and supplements and they may begin to see hair growth coming in so they feel that the vitamins are making their the hair grow fast but what is really happening is because your hair was not growing at its normal speed of 1/2" to 1" a month to begin with, the nutrients inside the vitamins gives your hair and scalp a little boost to help it to begin growing at its normal rate that its suppose to be at which is the 1/2" to 1" per month.

Of course, all of the nutrients inside the vitamins are absolutely necessary for healthy hair growth but taking the vitamins alone is not enough!

The real source of the nutrients and minerals that we need are found in the God made natural foods, the veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, etc which is what we should be eating. To be experiencing slow hair growth or hair loss in the first place means that your body is deficient in a area or another in terms of nutrients and minerals and you can get some amount that is needed in the body from the vitamins but you should not just rely on the vitamins alone because you are only going to get a limited supply of what your hair and scalp or that your body really needs.

And, if you are not feeding your body the right foods, your body will shut down your hair growth first and redirect those nutrients and energy to other organs of the body that need it most, leaving you with a vitamin deficiency that will cause slow hair growth and eventually hair loss!

So yes hair vitamins can work but just taking them will not produce the real results that you need if you are not adding the proper nutrition with it!

Remember, the real source of nutrients and minerals come from whole natural God made food and just taking a vitamin alone will not do it!


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