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Easy Vegan Mac & Cheese‼️

Hey Queens, I want you to know that just because a person says they are Vegan, 🌱, it doesn't mean they have to compromise on good food!

Being Vegan just means that you don't eat anything that comes from a animal, you just switch the animal ingredients out for Vegan or plant based ones!

I have been on this journey for years and I must tell you that I am not missing out on ANYTHING!

And my health and wellness loves it because I am 50 years old and not on any medication at all me or my family and it just works!

Here is a delicious Easy Mac & Cheese recipe that taste so good!

Here's what I used:

✅ Monograno Macaroni Noodles ( I love this brand for all of my pasta/noodle dishes because it is Kamut which is a ancient grain that does NOT contain starch so you can eat as much as you want and don't have to worry about carbs because there is none)🤗🤗🤗

(I can only find this brand on Amazon and not in stores and they have a variety like Penne, Spaghetti, Etc.

✅ Chao Creamy Vegan Cheese - (This is a shredded Vegan Cheese and it melts perfectly! I buy this brand at Kroger)

✅ Forager Cashew Milk- ( I love this brand! It only has 4 ingredients and I buy it at Sprouts!)

Here is how I made it!


✅ I used the whole box of pasta and boiled it as normal as I would with any pasta

Cheese Sauce:

✅While the pasta is boiling, make the cheese sauce by adding 1/2 of the Cashew Milk in a pot and once it starts boiling a little, add 2 bags of Vegan Cheese to the milk and stir from time to time as it melts.

✅ Add sea salt and pepper and whatever seasoning you like to the cheese sauce and stir from time to time and that's it for the sauce!

✅Then drain the noodles and pour in the pot with the cheese sauce and stir to mix it or you can put it all in a casserole pan and top it with paprika and parsley flakes and put in the oven for a short time just long enough for the top to brown a little and that's all!🤗🤗

And this is how I make my Mac & Cheese!🤗🤗🤗🤗



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