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Your hair is never too short to start your Loc journey ‼️

I am NOT talking about the length that your hair needs to be to be able for your stylist to install them, I am talking about the mindset that you need to have about yourself before you get them‼️

If you are sure about yourself, know that you are a Queen fearfully & wonderfully made, and have the confidence in your own God given natural hair, it doesn’t matter how short your hair is when you start because you love and embrace what God has given you and you know that the length is only temporary because if you use the right chemical free Loc Products eat plenty fruits& veggies, and you get regular retightenings, your hair is going to grow‼️

I know that I am full and cannot take any new clients but that’s not the point.

But, the point is, not being afraid to start your Loc Journey because you are looking at someone else’s hair and judging your own hair by that measure and if you do that, you are going to miss out on the joy and the freedom of your journey ‼️


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