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“Pineapple Paradise” is coming!

Hey Queens, what if you upgraded your skin care game and took it on a Tropical Vacation with a Luxury Vegan 🌱 Soap Bar, Body Butter, and a Perfume Body Mist that were all hydrating, moisturizing, and left your skin soft and smelling yummy all at the same time?

Would you believe that such a luxury skin care combo exist?

Oh, and did I mention that they are made with only the best plant based ingredients that nature has to offer so your skin can soak up all of that skin loving goodness!

It's hot 🥵 outside so your skin needs a protective barrier just like your hair does so that it doesn't dry out and itch but instead it'll be well nourished so it can still glow!

Available this Sunday evening at 7pm on my website!


Check back soon
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