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Hey Queens, are you wondering what to do with those old bottles that you have laying around?

Well, you can now save those bottles and get REFILLS!

The cost of my ingredients have went up so in order for me to keep the Mist at the normal price, I decided to do refills on the bottles that you currently have!

I still have it where you can place orders for the Mist regularly at full price but this option is only for refills!

All you have to do is place your order here for the amount of bottles that you want to refill and just bring those bottles into the Salon with you on Sundays for pick up or on your appointment days and that’s it but you MUST place the order online here first just like you normally would when you purchase other products!

This REFILL option works best for clients that live here locally or customers that come in the Salon to pick up orders!

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