*What Are Tree Braids?*

There are two types of Tree Braids. First there are the individual Tree Braids which are individual braids with the extension hair left out which gives a full head  of Tree Braids which can also look like invisible Individual Braids where you will only see the braids at the root. These braids take a lot longer to do.An example of Individual Braids can be seen in the photo below.

Secondly, which happens to be the most popular and the Tree Braids that I offer are the cornrow Tree Braids. These Tree Braids are done with cornrows front the front to back of the clients head. And while I am braiding the cornrows in, I am also adding the extension hair in at the same time and leaving the extension hair out only while the client's hair is underneath in the cornrows.


This technique is quicker and it ususally takes about 3-5 hours to complete depending on the clients thickness and width of their own hair. I feel that this technique is best for protective styling because all of the client's hair is underneath in the cornrow braids. This technique gives a nice full look and the only part of the braids that you see are the tips of the braids at the root. 

An example of the cornrow Tree Braids which is the technique that I use can be seen in the picture below.