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The VIP Membership is ONLY for current clients and not for new Queens that want to become clients because I am not able to take any new clients.

When clients join the Membership, they will be able to book up for 6 months in advance, from July up to December (6months) and then the Membership will start over again January 1st and clients will be able to book for the next 6 months in advance January thru June.

And the current clients that do not join the Membership will have to be placed on the waiting list for appointments!

I am closed Thursdays- Saturdays for family time, me time, and product making so I will no longer be able to do any more squeeze in appointments on any Saturdays!

I will also be closed on some Wednesdays also because I do have some trips coming up but I won't be closed on all Wednesdays just a few of them but that's why I sent the dates of my availability so that clients could get their dates together for their appointments.

My appointment times are Sundays 8am & 2:30pm and Monday- Wednesdays 9am & 2:30pm.

I do know that some clients work late during the week but if you need a few extra minutes to get off and get there, please let me know in advance and I will try to accommodate you aa much as possible but  the latest appointment times that I can do from now on is 3:15.


VIP Membership Form & $49 Fee

Thanks for your order!

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