*Tree Braids For Hair Loss*

Tree Braids are a wonderful non-surgical solution for any type of hair loss, balding, thinning, or hair damage that clients may have experienced or are experiencing. Just because a client may be having some of these issues does not mean that they have to be stuck with wearing wigs all the time and covering up their hair and beautiful face with hats and scarves. God has given me the rememdy!Tree Braids are a great option!

My special Tree Braiding technique for hair loss can offer full coverage, allowing the extension hair to camouflage any thinning or balding areas that may exist. Because the client's hair is protected under the extension hair, this gives the client's hair and scalp a chance to rest and recuperate from all of the harsh chemicals, heat styling, product build up, etc and all the other things that may have caused the hair loss in the first place.

During that time of rest, and the shampoo and conditioning treatments, the client's hair begins to build up and re strengthen itself. With the Tree Braids, the scalp pores are open and free therefore oxygen is able to get in so the scalp can breathe and my scalp oil can be applied and massaged in the scalp daily so that the hair follicles can be awakened and the blood can circulate and flow, and that's when the healing and restoration can begin, which results in a healthy scalp, healthy hair growth, and regeneration.