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Why you should switch to Vegan Hair Color

Queens, did you know that mostly all hair colors are full of chemicals and toxins that are not only harmful to your scalp but also to your entire health and wellness?

A lot of Hair Colors are packed with harmful chemicals like ammonia, peroxide, bleach, etc and these chemicals are very harmful causing respiratory problems as you and your stylist inhail these dangerous fumes , they can cause hair damage, they can make the scalp dry, they can cause scalp disorders and scalp infections but using a Vegan Color is a much better health conscious choice and you still get that same beautiful radiant color without having to compromise on your health and wellness in the process!

Vegan Colors are chemical free, non-toxic, and are only made with plant based ingredients!

The plant based ingredients inside the Vegan Hair Colors are created to only nourish and feed the hair and scalp with nature's goodness and not destroy like the other chemical based colors!

I encourage every Queen to give your hair and scalp a break from these harmful chemicals and make that switch to Vegan Hair Color so that you can see the awesome benefits that comes along with using Vegan Hair Care & Beauty Products!


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