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Why we should celebrate Juneteenth and NOT July 4th‼️

Queens, I know that many of us grew up in homes where it was a family tradition to celebrate the 4th of July!

We did barbecues, family gatherings,shot fireworks 💥, bought new outfits, etc but many of our parents didn't tell us about the importance of Juneteenth and why we should celebrate it but it's probably because they didn't even know about it themselves!😧

So as you can see, we have been celebrating the WRONG DAY!!!

Instead of celebrating July 4th, we should have been celebrating Juneteenth, June 19!

July 4th is NOT our Independence Day because our people were still in slavery, still being raped, and still being murdered in 1776 when they declared it a holiday!

So let's wake up and spread this to as many as we can!

When we learn better, we are supposed to do better !


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