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Why Vegan Hair Color?

Hey Queens!

A lot of hair colors are packed with harmful chemicals like ammonia, peroxide, bleach, etc and these chemicals can be VERY harmful to your health and wellness but using a vegan color which is a more health conscious one, only means that the Vegan Color is non toxic and only natural plant based ingredients are used to create these colors!

The plant based ingredients inside the Vegan Hair Colors are created to nourish and feed the hair with nature’s goodness and nutrients and not destroy it like the regular chemical based colors by possibly causing respiratory problems when inhaling the strong fumes, making the hair dry, brittle, and unhealthy!

Queens, you don’t have to be Vegan to use my Vegan Hair Color or any of my Vegan Hair Food or Skin Food Products!

But I encourage every Queen to give your hair, scalp, and body a break from these harmful chemical based skin & beauty products and really experience and see what this luxurious, healthy lifestyle of Vegan Beauty is all about!


I can't wait to get my hair colored. Do you sell your hair color too?

Replying to

Sure ❤️

Check back soon
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