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Why Are So Many Women Loosing Their Hair?

Hello Queens,

It seems as though hair loss is on the rise these days especially in a lot ot of our black women. By me being a Professional Stylist in this beauty industry with  over 20 years expeience, I have seen it a lot and I am starting to see it more and more on the regular. These women are looking for some answers as to why this is happening. Today, I would like to share some answers to the many causes of hair loss. I know that this may be rather lengthy but it’s a great read, it’s worth it!

*Chemical Relaxers and Permanent Hair Colors can cause serious hair loss, just by using one of them alone but especially when they both are used together.Some of the acting ingredients found inside them are other chemicals like Sodium Hydroxide, Ammonium Thioglycolate, Formaldehyde, Peroxide, just to name a few and these chemicals can be very dangerous and damaging to the hair and scalp causing scalp blisters, sores and dehydration by stripping the hair and scalp of all its natural oils and moisture and for some women,this can cause permanent hair loss. These nasty chemicals are not just in Relaxers and Permanent Hair Color but also in some Shampoos and Moisturizers. And not only are these products harmful to your hair and scalp, they are also harmful to your health because once these chemicals are put on your scalp, they immediately absorb into the blood stream and this puts your health and wellness at risk.

*Dryness and a lack of moisture can cause hair loss. Black hair in its natural state is naturally dry because when our natural hair grows out from the scalp, it coils around itself and the curly nature of our hair does not allow the the natural oils that our scalp produces to travel down the strands of our hair. We are therefore expected to constanly hydrate and moisturize our hair and scalp in order to add moisture and stop dryness. And when the hair does not get enough hydration, it then becomes hard and brittle and eventually starts to break and shed excessively, causing hair damage and hair loss.

*Excessive use of heating tools such as flat irons, curling irons, and blow drying can cause hair loss. Too much heat dehydrates the hair and takes away the natural oils and moisture just like the chemicals do. You must be very careful when using these tools. I always suggest letting a professional perform these services to help prevent any damaging or hair loss.

*Hormonal changes can cause hair loss. Sometimes when women go through Menopause, the hair begins to thin and break off because a lot of the estrogen that has been lost.

*Sickness, Medications, and Stress can cause hair loss. Major health issues like Thyroids, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, some surgerys, etc along with their medications sometimes have serious side effects that can really affect the health and conditions of the hair and scalp.

*Genetics /Alopecia Areata causes hair to fall out in startliling patches all over and not just in the head but the body too and most of the time, this condition is passed down through genetics. But there is power in the name of Jesus and your hair can come back, I have seen it happen!

*Not using good quality, Organic, Plant Based products! Using good all natural chemical free products is very important to the health of the hair and scalp. Products that are Organic and made with plant based ingredients (vegan) are gentle on the hair while providing all of the nourishment and necceasary nutrients needed to strengthen and build up the hair and not destroy it! 

*This one is #1 in my book, above all others! Nutrition! Nutrition! Nutrition!

Not getting the proper nutrition can and will definitely cause hair loss. Inadequate food in take has our body constantly fighting with toxins and stress which do not encourage a healthy body for healthy hair growth. Also eating junk and unhealthy food, robs our hair of the necessary minerals and nutrients that it needs to thrive so it eventually gets weak and brittle and then it starts falling out.

I always encourage a alkaline plant based diet which is made up of Organic Fruits, Veggies, (eating the veggies raw as much as possible), raw nuts and SpringWater to  promote and reproduce the cells for healthy hair growth.. Tight and uncomfortable braids and extensions can definitely cause hair loss when they are not properly installed. Braids and extensions are great protective styles , great for transitioning, and perfect hair loss soultions. But when they are not properly installed by a professional, they can be applied too tight, causing stress and damage to the hair follicles, ultimately resulting in hair loss.


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