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This is what I want for you ❤️

For this new year that's coming, I really want you to see yourself the way that God sees you!I want you to see your worth as a daughter of the Most High which is also a daughter of Royalty!

You were created in the image of the Father so that means that you have been fearfully and wonderfully made and that means that everything about you is absolutely beautiful!💞

Your hair is beautiful and so is your skin beautiful 💞The Lord made no mistakes when He created you!

But sometimes we allow the negativity of our own minds and the minds of society make us feel that our natural God given beauty isn't enough and that we need to change ourselves or add to ourselves if we want to fit into the world's standards and that is so wrong on so many levels😡

Not only does this negativity damage our mindset as women but it also damages our daughters as well because we teach them the same things by how we neglect our own beauty and become the beauty that society says is beautiful!

Some Queens cover up their beautiful natural God given hair with wigs and weaves and over time these weaves and wigs suffocate and clog the scalp pores where no oxygen gets in and then the clogged pores lead to damaged,. dry,. and brittle hair and because some women get so used to wearing the wigs and weaves,. they start neglecting their natural hair underneath because it's now damaged and they feel that they now have to have the wigs and weaves because they are ashamed to wear their own hair😐

Some women have an addiction to wearing these weaves and wigs and they just can not see the beauty in their own God given beauty I don't care how many times they may hear that their natural hair is beautiful,. the addiction seems to speak louder😔

And then some women may have hair loss due to sickness, medicine side effects, hormone issues, poor eating habits, etc but if that is what some of you are dealing with,. you are still beautiful and your natural God given beauty is enough!

Jehovah Rapha is our healer and He can cause your crowns to grow back in abundance even though men may have said that it's impossible but with God all things are possible! Matthew 19:26

Embracing the beauty of our God given crowns and the care of our skin care is a lifestyle and I tell you,. it's so much freedom here!

I just believe that every Queen should have beautiful healthy hair that GROWS in abundance and beautiful radiant skin that GLOWS in abundance!💖

We are Queens created in our Father's image so we have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of!That's why I continue to send out these emails because I want to encourage and inspire other Queens to see the beauty in themselves just the way that they are💖

And that is why I have created my Luxury Vegan Hair & Skin products that are all chemical free and handmade using nothing but the purest plant based ingredients that God has created in nature for the nourishment,. the healing,. and restoration of our hair, skin and even our temples (bodies) which speaks to the Queen inside💖

So Queens,. this is what I want for you going into the new year and beyond💞

I want you to fall in love with the beautiful natural Queens that the Lord created you to be by learning to embrace your natural hair and beauty so you can walk in your Queen ship with nothing but confidence and elegance💖

And so you can be examples to your daughters and other Queens around you💖Be Blessed beautiful Queens💞 


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