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4 things that could be destroying your Locs!

Hello Queens,

There are a few things that you could be doing to your Locs that could be destroying them!

I know that there is a lot of information on You tube and in these online Loc groups and they may tell you to do many things to your Locs but please know that if you have my signature Queen Micro Locs (TM), you will not find any regimens online for my Locs because I created this system and I have created specific Plant Based products to assist your Locs during the locing process to ensure that your hair stays healthy, moisturized, and that it stays at the correct ph balance!

So please do NOT take these people recommendations online for your Locs because everyone's hair is different and Locs are different and require different care.They are telling you what works on their hair but for my Queen Micro Locs, you are only suppose to use the products that I have created for your Locs and if you decide to use other products, I can not take responsibility for the health and integrity of your Locs!

However, if you don't have my signature Queen Micro Locs (TM) but you still have Locs that were installed by another Loctician and you currently go to that Loctician right now, please listen to her/him and follow their advice for the care of your Locs and not anyone from YouTube or any other online Loc Group!

Queens, if you have any questions at all about the care of your Queen Micro Locs, please do not hesitate to ask because I am committed to making sure that your Locs stay healthy and beautiful but only if you are following the specific regimen that goes with my Queen Micro Locs (TM) Wellness System!

So Here are a few things that you could be doing and it could be destroying your Locs!

1."Spraying your Locs daily with WATER":

Queens this is a big NO and its not a part of my Queen Micro Locs Regimen!

Water can over time destroy the health of your Locs and I know that these You Tubers and people in these online Loc groups say to spray your hair with water in a bottle but everyone's hair is different and all Locs are NOT the same so some of them require different care.

Spraying water on your Locs can over hydrate your Locs and too much hydration can cause your Locs to swell, unravel, get dry and brittle and eventually cause them to break off!

So that's why I have created the Orange Cocktail Loc Mist which has not only wonderful plant based extracts and ingredients for your Locs but these ingredients all work together to give your Locs the right balance of hydration and moisture that will ensure that your Locs stay at the correct ph so that they can continue to grow and stay healthy!

And just using water in a spray bottle does not give you that balance of hydration and moisture so eventually, your Locs can be destroyed!

My Loc products are for any type of Locs and men can use them to on their Locs!

2. "Too much manipulation":

I understand that you are excited when you first get your Locs installed but in the beginning stage, less is best!

The first 3 months of you Locs is what I call the first trimester of your Loc phase and doing this time, your Locs are just settling in good and they are just getting use to being locd so unnecessary manipulating like styling, pin ups, pony tails, etc can be too much for them in the beginning and could cause slippage or unraveling to your Locs!

So if you want your hair styled, its best to have it done at your appointment and let it stay until you come back so that I or your Loctician can properly do it without causing too much tension to your Locs.

There will be a time after you finish the beginning stage that you can manipulate your hair more but in the beginning you have to be a little patient.

And like I said, styling your Locs is not a problem in the beginning stage but you should have it done professionally at the Salon instead of doing it yourself because I know and your Loctician knows how to properly style your Locs so that it does not cause too much tension.

3."Using chemical hair color on your Locs"

My Queen Micro Locs (TM) is a plant based system and I don't believe in chemicals at all!

Chemicals in no form are a part of my System!

It is perfectly fine to have your Locs colored with a chemical free Plant Based/Vegan Colors at any time but if you decide to go to the beauty supply and use a chemical or box color on your Locs, it will destroy your Locs eventually!

The chemical color deposits in not only your hair shaft which does cause your Locs to open and swell causing dryness and shedding but the chemical is also being deposited into your bloodstream and these chemicals have been known to be linked to different forms of cancer, birth defects, respiratory issues, etc

So the color can not only destroy your Locs leaving them dry and brittle and eventually damaged but it also can bring damage to your health and wellness as well!

And you know for me, healthy hair, healthy skin care, and your overall wellness goes hand in hand!

You can't have one without the other!

4."Covering your Locs with wigs or weaves”!

This is another big NO because honestly Queens, if you were not ready to embrace and wear the beautiful Natural Hair that God has blessed you with, then Queen Micro Locs or any Locs was not a choice that you should have made!

Your Locs need to breathe and receive oxygen in order for them to grow and thrive but if they are covered with wigs and weaves, they can not receive oxygen and they will eventually become destroyed!

I like to think of it like a human, if a human does not receive oxygen he will die or if a flower does not receive oxygen it dies so the same goes with our hair!

If our hair is covered and does not receive oxygen to breathe, the hair will become damaged and will eventually break off!

So here are just a few of the things that could be hurting your Locs!

If you are not willing to follow my Queen Micro Locs(TM) healthy hair regimen and products then I can not take responsibility for the health, wellness, and integrity of your Locs!

And the same is for clients that don’t have my Queen MicroLocs but you do have Locs and you have a Loctician and if you won’t follow your Loctician’s regimen then you can not expect your Loctician to be responsible for the health of your Locs!

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Thanks so much very informative and helpful

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