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Summer Time Hair Care

I know that the summer time has come and that means family vacations, cookouts, swimming pools, beaches etc but while you are enjoying yourself during the summer, don’t forget to take care of your hair!

I know that this article is a little lengthy but it’s worth it! These are just a few important tips that everyone should know:

*Deep Steam Conditioning is very,very,very important to the health of your hair and scalp during the summer time. Make sure that you are getting your hair deep conditioned regularly at your Salon visits because regular Conditioning treatments will help to keep your hair hydrated and nourished during the summer heat where it won’t get dry and brittle and start to break off.

*Protective Styles are a must in order to keep your hair protected and healthy during the summer heat.

The sun can be very drying, sucking all the moisture and hydration from your hair so you need something that is going to help protect your hair from exposing it to the sun and to keep it from loosing all the hydration and moisture.

With that being said, put away all the heating tools like the curling irons, blow dryers, and flat irons and give your hair a break with protective styles.

*If you do not plan to wear protective styles but you are going to the beach 🏖 on family vacation or if you will be spending a good amount of time outside like for cookouts or something, please wear summer hats to protect your hair from the drying heat rays and it also helps to keep you cool 😎.

* Watch out for Chlorine damage! Chlorine is not your friend! While you want to spend time at the pool, you must try to avoid getting chlorine in your hair. If you will not be wearing a protective style and you plan to have your own hair out while at the pool, please coat your hair will Jojoba, Vitamin E Oil, Avocado, or Coconut Oil and then put on a swim cap prior to getting in the pool.

If chlorine does happen to get in your hair, please shampoo your hair immediately after getting out of the pool.

*Do not over shampoo! You may want to shampo more because of sweating or your scalp may seem a little more dirty but try not to over shampoo because it can strip the natural oils from your hair which are there to keep it healthy and well nourished. Once a week or every other week is more than enough.

*This one is the most important of all of them. You must drink lots of water! 💦 And eat plenty of fruits 🍎 🍇🍓🍍and veggies!🍅 🥗🥦🥕

Because If your body is dehydrated or malnourished, your hair will be too and if you are sweating a lot, you need to drink and eat even more.


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