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Queens, the "big chop" is not necessary!

Queens, if you are transitioning back to your God given natural hair or if you are thinking of transitioning, please don't listen to anyone tell you that you have to cut your relaxer out!

You don't have to cut all of your hair off and start over again!

I am a Certified Natural Hair Specialist and helping other Queens to transition is my specialty, I do this all of the time.

When in transition, the hair is very fragile and sensitive because there are two different textures going on so this is something you should leave up to your stylist to maintain rather than you trying to care for it at home.

Your hair needs special deep conditioning treatments and moisturizers to help keep it hydrated and healthy with in transition.

There should be no heat applied, styling, or any type of manipulation done during this time, the hair should be resting and completely protected by a healthy protective style.

It does not need any tight braids or weaves which could eventually weaken the hair follicles and cause damage but the scalp needs to breathe and receive oxygen where the hair can continue to thrive and grow in a healthy environment.

So the real goal here and the key to having beautiful healthy hair is to wear your hair in protective styles that fully protect your hair!

And the scalp should be free where it can breathe and receive oxygen plus, you also need to be able to get to the scalp to keep it nourished with good quality plant based oils but some protective styles don't allow for the scalp to breathe however, my Signature Tree Braids do and in my my opinion my Tree Braids are the best protective style!

And you can't just stop there!

Your hair and scalp needs essential vitamins and nutrients from the inside which comes from a well balanced plant based and lots of water for hydration.

So Queens, when you add all of that with prayer and fasting , you will soon be on your way to experiencing beautiful healthy hair that grows in abundance!!!!

Our hair is our Glory!

2 Corinthians 11:15


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