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Queens, here are 5 reasons that you are not seeing hair growth!

Queens, your hair should be growing!

There are many reasons why some women are not seeing hair growth but today I only want to deal with 5 reasons!

  1. “Using Hair Chemicals In Products”- because hydration and moisture both act as fertilizers and your hair needs them to flourish and grow but when you use products that have chemicals in them like sodium hydroxide, Parabens, Sulfates, Alcohol, etc these chemicals dry out the natural oils, hydration and moisture in your hair leaving your hair dry, hard, and brittle and it will definitely slow down the hair growth!

  2. “Not protecting your hair at bedtime with a silk or satin bonnet”~ because sleeping in a silk or satin bonnet at night helps to reduce the amount of frizz, it helps prevent friction while you sleep, and it helps to keep the moisture in the hair which will help to prevent split ends!

  3. “Medications”~ because the medications have side effects and some of the side effects are hair loss or slow hair growth! They interfere with the normal cycle of hair growth and when the growth cycle is not on a normal speed, the hair will not grow!

  4. “Stress”~ the hair follicle produces 1cm of new hair every 28 days and stress can push hair follicles into a resting phase so they won’t be able to produce new hair and if your follicles are not producing new hair cells, that means your hair is not growing!

  5. “Not eating a proper diet”~ and a proper diet consist of eating plenty of high water content fruits, veggies, and drinking plenty of water/coconut water! When we eat a proper diet, not only does our bodies get vitamins and nourishment but that same goodness travels to the hair follicles feeding and nurturing them also which helps to promote growth! However, if you are not eating properly, your hair follicles get malnourished, dehydrated, and it gets robbed of all of the nutrients that it needs to flourish and grow!


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