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Queens, Drink Hibiscus Tea for hair growth!!!

I know that this post is a little long but it’s so worth it so keep reading because it will bless you!😍

This is the beginning of a New Year and not only do we need to get our bodies healthy but we also need to get our hair and scalp healthy!

Queens, did you know that drinking Hibiscus 🌺 Tea is not just known for its ability to heal the body naturally but it is also known for its ability to beautify the skin, nourish the follicles, heal the scalp, & promote healthy hair growth?😮

Here are more benefits of drinking Hibiscus 🌺 herbal tea for hair growth:

Stimulates blood flow & circulation of the scalp

Feeds nutrients to the hair follicles😊

Strengthens & Restores hair loss😊

Hibiscus 🌺 Tea helps to cleanse the body of toxins so that your blood cells can transport nutrients to the follicles better and it stimulates the blood of the scalp resulting in faster thicker hair growth!😊

And my focus for this year which it has always been my focus but I am taking it up another notch!

Our hair is our Glory (1 Corinthians 11:15) So I am not going to stop until every Queen embraces the beauty of her God given natural hair and has her Glory back to the healthy beautiful state that it was in when God first gave it to us!

And I don’t really promote my business here in this group much but this is very important because it’s not about the money for me, it’s my ministry and my passion!

Because I know that a lot of women are dealing with hair loss and thinning due to stress, sickness, medications, chemicals, glues, etc it’s time to take control of our health and wellness so that we can be whole in every area and get our Glory (Hair) back!

My Hibiscus 🌺 Hair Growth Tea is available as a free bonus to Queens that pre order my Vegan “Fit for a Queen “ Loc Care Essentials but if you are not a Loc Queen yet and you are a Loose Natural that still wants some of this nature’s goodness so that your hair can get back healthy, you can still purchase my Hibiscus 🌺 Hair Growth Tea on my website!

Pre Ordering is going on now until January 5th! The products will be launching January 15th!😍


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