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Queens, please don't suffocate your Locs!

Queens, please don’t suffocate your Locs and your scalp by covering them up!

You must know that Your hair is your Glory and it’s meant to be healthy, radiant, and growing in abundance!

Your Locs need oxygen to grow and to flourish but they can not flourish if they are hidden and covered up with wigs and tight scarves!

If your Locs are covered, by them not receiving oxygen, it can cause your Locs to slip and eventually break off!

Your Locs are an investment that you made for yourself so why not protect your investment by not doing any of the things that would keep them from growing, flourishing, and being healthy?

The purpose of you getting your Locs was to be free and enjoy the lifestyle of natural hair freedom!

And Queens, you are not free when you are still wanting to hold on to the old way of doing things!

It may be a little uncomfortable for a very very small percentage of you in the beginning because you are use to the world's standards of what beauty should look like so that's why you may want to cover up or wish that your hair would hurry up and grow longer, or you may even reach for a wig!

But I tell you, that there is nothing more beautiful than when a Queen embraces her God given hair and wears it unashamed with confidence and elegance and that's when you break away from the world's standards of what beauty should look like and you walk in your own God given natural beauty that was created just for you!

Your scalp is the growing grounds for healthy hair!

A healthy scalp is where it all begins!

Your scalp needs oxygen, a constant circulation of blood flow, and good nutrients and if your hair and scalp is covered and suffocating all the time with wigs, weaves, heavy products, product build up, etc your scalp will become clogged where it cannot breathe therefore your hair can not flourish and grow like it should.

So Queens be free, Embrace your own beautiful crowns, and learn to enjoy being your own type of beautiful!


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