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Queens, don't suffocate your scalp!

Queens, don’t suffocate your scalp!

Your hair is your Glory and it’s meant to be healthy, radiant, and growing in abundance!

Your scalp is the growing grounds for healthy hair and if your scalp is not healthy, your hair will not be healthy and grow!

Your scalp needs oxygen, a constant circulation of blood flow, and good nutrients and if your hair and scalp is covered and suffocating all the time with wigs, weaves, heavy products, product build up, etc your scalp will become clogged where it cannot breathe therefore your hair can not flourish and grow like it should.

So let’s not go into another year with the same old hair shenanigans with thinning, hair damage, chemicals, toxic hair glues, etc.

But Queens be free! Embrace your own beautiful crowns! Get your freedom! And get your glory back!!!

The Loc’d life is the best life! #aboutthatlocdlife #lovingmylocdlife #queenmicrolocs #scalpwellness #hairwellness #womenwithlocs #queenswithlocs #lowmaintence #abundantgrowth #embraceyourcrown #loveyourcrown #beyourownkindofbeautiful Click to view this on our app https://appv.co/l/NpvJU2

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