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Queens, don’t be fooled just because a product says it’s “all natural”😧

Queens, I have been making natural hair & beauty products for years and overtime I have become pretty familiar with the long names and the hard to pronounce ingredients found in the natural hair & beauty products which these are all chemicals that these big companies use to hide behind and by using these long names they can hide in harmful chemicals because they know that the average consumer is not going to look these ingredient names up to see what they really are but they will just buy the products anyway just because it has a black woman’s face on the front and because it says “natural”😮

Queens , did you know that according to the FDA policy, a product only has to have about 70% of natural ingredients in it to be considered a natural product?😮

And the other 30% can be chemicals😡

So what is that 30% of chemical based ingredients doing to our health and wellness?😮

The skin is the largest organ on our body and whatever we put on the skin/scalp, it is deposited into our bloodstream 😮 so if we are using these products that have hidden chemicals inside, because they are getting in our bloodstream, they can cause an array of health issues!😮

And trust me, there is enough stuff out here causing health issues like chemicals in the food, chemicals in the air, etc so we don’t need to add anything extra to our bodies that could possibly cause more health issues!

The natural hair & natural beauty industry is estimated in worth as a $8.74 billion dollar industry so you have got to know that a lot of these big companies are just in it for the money so they will lie about the ingredients on the labels and deceive many consumers and won’t care about the harm that it’s doing to the health and wellness of the people that’s buying these products!

And please hear me clear when I say this that not all big natural hair & skin care companies do this but there are lots of them that do.

And most of the well known natural hair and beauty companies are not even owned by black people but they just use our faces and our natural hair styles on the front of the boxes to attract our people😮

And I believe wholeheartedly that a lot of the skin conditions, hair & scalp conditions, and health and wellness conditions could be coming from using these dangerous products that have these chemicals in them!

Queens, it’s time to take control of what goes in our bodies and what goes ON our bodies!

A lot of these companies can not be trusted but if you are ready to make that switch to plant based products that you can trust, right here is a great place to start!🤗💕


I believe that God has given us everything that grows in nature, all of the fruits 🍎 🍉 and veggies 🥕 🥦 as ingredients in our products for the healing, nourishment, and the restoration of our hair, skin, and body!

And I believe that every Queen should have beautiful healthy hair that “GROWS” in abundance and beautiful radiant skin that “GLOWS” in abundance!!!❤️❤️❤️


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