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Pre Order Your Juneteenth Soap‼️

Hey Queens, you can pre order your Juneteenth soaps so that you won't be caught trying to get your orders in before they are gone like last year!😧

You can pre order your soaps starting Sunday June 2nd so don't wait so you won't miss out!

Last year, I ran out of soaps because I only made a certain amount but I didn't know that they would sell out so fast and that people would want more!

The soaps have Activated Charcoal for skin detoxification, poppyseeds for a light exfoliation, Shea Butter for moisture and nutrition, a yummy fragrance, and so much more!

All plant based skin loving ingredients!

That doesn't have to happen where you rush to try to get your order in before they sell out if you pre order them instead of waiting until they are ready on my site!

2 commenti

Hi Queen. What time can we order the soaps on June 2?

Mi piace
Risposta a

Hey Queen! Anytime on that Sunday June 2nd !

Mi piace
Check back soon
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