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Let me reintroduce myself!

Yes, I am a Loctician and the creator of Queen Micro Locs and the Lord has indeed blessed my business and sent such lovely clients my way to the point that I am booked until February 2022 and I won't be able to start back taking new clients until March 2022!

But, it just doesn't stop there!

I am also a Vegan Beauty & Lifestyle Enthusiast and I believe that we all are Queens and that we should upgrade our health and beauty lifestyles!

And because of that, it then led me to create my own line of Luxury Handmade Vegan Hair & Skin Food Products!

I don't believe in chemicals at all whether going in our bodies through unhealthy foods or going ON our bodies through unhealthy hair and skin care!

I just believe that healthy hair and skin begins with healthy food!

Food contains essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are good for the body inside & out and because our insides need restoration and nourishment, so does our outsides!

The foundation of my Luxurious Vegan Hair & Skin Food products is that they are all made with the use of the best plant based fruits, veggies, and herbal extracts that God has given us in nature!

Just like having a healthy nourishing meal for the body, why not have a healthy nourishing meal for the hair and skin!

My goal through my Vegan Hair & Skin Food products is to offer plant based solutions for beautiful heathy hair that GROWS in abundance and beautiful radiant skin that GLOWS in abundance!

So, in closing, Natural Opulence is not just a Salon for the care of your beautiful Locs but it has become a Vegan Beauty & Lifestyle Salon, one that helps to meet all of your everyday beauty needs without compromising your health and wellness in the process!


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