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How to use my “Fit for a Queen” Skin Food Hydration Bundle!

Hey Queens!

See the above video to see how you can get hydrated skin in 3 easy steps!

(But on Step 2 which is the Scrub, you only do this step about 2-3 times a week).

It is very important that we keep our skin hydrated and moisturized on a regular basis but especially during these hot Summer days so that it can stay protected from the heat rays!

The hydration and the moisturizer both act as protectors /barriers and when you don't have them for your skin, the heat rays can strip the skin of its natural oils and moisture and leave it dry, itchy, and irritated 😣

But I have created the "Fit for a Queen " Skin Food Hydration Bundle and it's is everything that you need to keep your skin hydrated and protected during these hot Summer Days🤗


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