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A healthy scalp means healthy hair!

Hey Queens!

It doesn’t matter if you have Locs or if you are a loose natural without Locs, the scalp still needs to be nourished and healthy in order to have healthy hair growth!

The scalp is like the soil in the ground to a farmer, if the soil is bad and unhealthy, it doesn’t produce heathy fruits 🍉 and veggies 🥦 and it is the same with the scalp!

Your scalp is the growing grounds for healthy hair growth and if the scalp is unhealthy so will the hair be unhealthy!

You want to make sure that the scalp is getting all of the nourishment and nutrition that it needs to be healthy and thrive!

It shouldn’t be dry, itchy, and flaky because if this is the case, this means that the scalp is unhealthy and the hair will grow in thin, weak, damaged, thirsty, dry, and malnourished and it will eventually break off😔

You need to make sure that you are attacking it from the inside by getting your nutrition and nourishment from eating a well balanced meal that includes fresh fruits 🍉 and veggies 🥕 🥦 and staying hydrated by drinking water/coconut water and not only will the nutrients give your body what it needs but those same nutrients will feed and strengthen the hair follicles as well!

And then for the outside nutrition, you should be pampering it with plant based chemical free products only!!! You should be getting regular deep steam conditioning treatments, and you should be feeding the scalp a healthy scalp oil!

You don’t need thick heavy oils like Castor Oils that will clog your pores and keep oxygen from getting in and cause build up on the scalp but you need a light oil that will protect the scalp, fight against dryness and itchiness, revitalize the scalp, and keep the scalp nourished and healthy while producing healthy hair growth all at the same time and that’s why I recommend my "Your hair is your Glory” Herbal Growth Oil"!

My oil is very light and it has been infused in hair growth herbs like Ginger Root, Stinging Nettle, Rosemary Extract, Thyme, Neem, Chamomile Extract, Hibiscus, and more and it is made of a combination of light carrier oils like Coconut Oil, Saw Palmetto, Grape seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, and more!

This oil is usually always SOLD OUT because it goes as fast as I restock it!

Queens you better grab you a bottle before it sells out again!

Your scalp and your hair will thankyou❤️


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