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"Divine Hydration" Season starts Monday July 5th!

Hey Queens,

With every season comes its changes, and there's no surprises there!

You may be wondering what precautions you should be taking for your Loc care during these hot summer days but Queens, don't worry cause I got you!

During these hot summer days, it is very important to not only stay hydrated from the inside but also stay hydrated on the outside!

Your Locs need protection because the heat from the sun can really dry out your Locs and even though we need the Vitamin D that comes from the sun, too much can strip the natural moisture from our Locs and leave them dry, brittle, and they can even break off!

So that is why every year in the summer, I host "Divine Hydration" Season at the Salon to help keep your Locs hydrated, beautiful, and healthy!

The season starts Monday July 5th and I kick things off with my Hydrating Loc Steam Shampoo (where steam is being released over your Locs and scalp during your shampoo for extra moisture, hydration, & relaxation!

Then clients will receive my Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioning Mask, Fruit infused Spa Water for drinking, and so much more!

Hydration is the key to healthy Locs and I want to provide all of the services and products to help them stay that way!


Check back soon
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