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Did you know this about Sea Moss?

Sea Moss is so very beneficial for the body by ingesting a tbsp of the Sea Moss Gel daily, it helps with Diabetes, Thyroids, High Blood Pressure and so on!

Our body needs 102 minerals and Sea Moss has 92 so that makes it awesome for our health!

But did you also know that in the form of a soap bar, it has awesome skin benefits?

✅ It hydrates our skin

✅ It is full of vitamin K which has anti -aging properties

✅ It helps smooth out wrinkles

✅ It helps to calm dry and irritated skin

✅ It leaves the skin silky smooth

✅ It’s anti microbial and anti bacterial

So because of these awesome skin benefits, I decided to make this Luxurious Sea Moss Soap!

The Soap won’t be ready until the 13th of February and trust me they are going fast‼️

However, if you would like to pre-order the soap you can do it here:


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