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Did you know that Pineapples are great for promoting hair growth and great for stopping hair loss?

Queens I love cutting up fresh pineapples because they are so delicious and so healthy for not just our bodies alone but did you also know that Pineapples are great for hair loss too?

Pineapples have hair thickening properties that will make your hair strong and stop it from falling out!

The enzymes present in this fruit has vital nutrients that can enrich your hair follicles and this will improve the hair’s thickness, it will promote hair growth, and it will improve the elasticity of your hair!

So Queens let’s start eating more pineapples whether we eat them alone, juice them, or drink them in a smoothie!

Any way that we can naturally get them in our system, let’s do it!

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I have the hardest time cutting pineapples! Lol. I get the job done but it’s definitely that.. a JOB! 🤣😂🤣

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