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A Yeast Infection In The Scalp?😮

Hey Queens, yes it is possible to have a yeast infection in the scalp!😮

A lot of people deal with scalp itching and dry patches or flakes and think that it's just dandruff and it's normal but it could be more deeper than that, it could actually be a yeast infection in the scalp and trust me, there is nothing normal about that!

If there is yeast in your body, it can travel through the blood stream and reach the scalp follicles!😮

A Yeast infection is a fungal skin infection caused by a yeast called Candida and it causes an itchy, dry, or flaky rash on the scalp!

Here are the signs of a yeast infection on the scalp:

✅ The scalp really itches bad

✅ The scalp has thick white or yellow flaky dry patches and it has a odor

✅ The scalp has little white or red pus filled bumps on the scalp

✅ There is hair loss and hair thinning in those areas

✅ There are areas in the scalp that are moist and soft

✅ The scalp is inflamed so it has a rash which is usually red or purple and it may have cracks in it!

Queens, that's why detoxing the body, the scalp, and the skin is so important!

Not detoxing the body to rid it of the toxins and impurities, not regularly doing a scalp detox scrub, using scalp and skin products with chemicals in them, eating dairy which includes milk, cheese, and ice cream, and not eating a proper diet that is full of high watered fruits and veggies, will definitely make the yeast infection much worse!

You should detox at least 3 times a year to make sure that your body, scalp, and skin stays clear of any toxin build up!

And detoxing includes:

✅Eating high watered fruits and veggies that will nourish and heal the body so that infections can't even live in the body and not only does the food nourish and feed the body but those nutrients also feeds the follicles!

✅Drinking herbal teas like Red Raspberry, Sage Tea, Turmeric Tea, Peppermint Tea etc and taking herbs like Sea Moss, Bladderwrack, or Burdock Root and there are more

✅You should regularly get detox scrubs on the scalp because the scrubs can go deep into the pores and remove all dead skin and toxins that could be clogging the pores preventing it from breathing and promoting new healthy hair

✅You should make sure that you are only using products that are completely Natural /Plant Based and have no chemicals in them

✅ You should also be exercising even if it's only a brisk walk because when you sweat, toxins are being released through your pores and exercising keeps the blood flow circulated not just in the scalp but also through out the whole body!


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