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“A Queen’s Love” Daily Confessions

Hey Queens today is Day 2 of our “A Queen’s Love” Spring Cleaning Scalp & Skin Detox!

So by now you have had your morning herbal tea and not coffee (unless you are drinking mushroom coffee or some other natural coffee replacement without caffeine) because yesterday I shared that the caffeine stunts the hair growth and causes hair loss and we don’t want that in our system at all😮

Because we are learning to love ourselves more and be mindful of what we are putting in our bodies, it can be a little hard so to help us stay on track and do what we need to do, we need the help of our Lord and Savior!

So I have put together these Self Love Daily Confessions that we can look in the mirror each day and say and when we say these confessions, we are then inviting the Holy Spirit to come in and help us and guide us through so that we can stay on track health wise and so we can experience the abundant life that Jesus died to give us!


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