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A mistake clients make when choosing a Stylist

First of all, I am not knocking any Stylist and how they choose to conduct their business in any way but choosing the right Stylist is very serious and you want to make sure that you have a true connection with the Stylist and you want to make sure that your hair and scalp is getting the right care that it needs to stay healthy and thrive!

But sometimes one common mistake that some clients make is that they choose a Stylist based on a Stylist having cheaper prices!

And going with a Stylist just because they may have cheaper prices can sometimes be very dangerous especially for the health and wellness of your hair and scalp care!

Have you ever heard the saying "you get what you pay for"?

Again, I am not knocking any one here but here are just a few things that could go wrong when you choose a Stylist just because of the cheaper prices:

1. When a Stylist prices are very cheap she/he may not be as educated in the Chemistry and the care of your hair and scalp as they should be so she/he may not offer many helpful tips for maintaining and taking care of your hair and scalp in between Salon visits at home.

2. When a Stylist prices are very cheap, she/he may be using cheaper brands of products like shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, etc with chemicals and sulfates in them among other chemicals ( which the chemical based products cost much less than the good products that are made with real plant based and Vegan ingredients) so she/he may not be using good quality products that feed and nourish your hair and scalp but instead she/he may be using chemical based products that cause harm to your hair and dry out your scalp which could eventually cause damage and breakage in the future!

3. When a Stylist prices are very cheap, she/he may be in a hurry to get to the next client so she/he may not have time or even care to give you and your hair and scalp the personal attention and care that's needed!

Usually if a Stylist is trying to rush on getting you out so the other client can get in the chair, the Stylist is usually just in it for the money and not for the true passion of hair and scalp care that comes along with caring for your client!

4. When Stylist prices are very cheap, you may not receive 1st class quality service!

Again, going back to #3, they may rush on your hair to get you out so they can get the next client in so ultimately your hair and scalp then ends up suffering and getting the short end!

5. The shampoo service is the most important part of the entire beauty appointment!

And I say that because the hair and scalp needs to be detoxed and cleansed thoroughly so that the hair can get free of any dirt or oil build up and so the scalp pores don't become clogged where the scalp can receive oxygen to breathe so a good Stylist that cares should shampoo your hair and scalp at least 3-4 times.

But when a Stylist prices are very cheap, she/he may not take the time to attend to your hair and scalp needs because again, she/he is in a hurry and can not spend that much time on you because she/he has to get you out so the next client can come in!

6. When a Stylist prices are very cheap, their customer service skills may not be very good!

She/He may not talk much or be very attentive, friendly, or answer your questions properly plus the Salon environment may not be very relaxing or welcoming!

7. When a Stylist prices are very cheap, she/he may not require a consultation first before servicing you and this can be a very big problem because the purpose of the consultation initially is to have a meet and greet and then how can the Stylist properly know what services and what care a client needs if there has been no prior consultation or hair analysis done prior to the appointment?

8. And lastly, when a Stylist prices are very cheap, she/he does not usually recommend good quality products that you should use at home or neither does she/he have the products at the Salon where you can purchase them to make sure you have the correct products to continue your personal hair care regimen at home.

But sadly, lots of clients leave the Salon clueless and don't know how to do proper at home maintenance so they have to depend on the Stylist and the next hair visit and this is very sad!

The same things can happen when a Stylist prices are more on the higher side as well!

Some Stylist are just in it for the money and it eventually shows in the customer service skills and the hair and scalp care that you receive!

Queens, that's why it is very important to do your research before choosing a Stylist!

You are putting the trust of your hair and scalp in the person's hands and you should always receive the best service and leave the Salon feeling relaxed, refreshed, and well educated about your hair and scalp care!

And if this does not happen and you don't leave the Salon feeling this way, perhaps it's time to do some more research and find someone else!

I know this one was kinda long but I had a lot to share on this matter and I hope this has helped someone!

Be Blessed Queens!


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