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You should never eat seedless fruits!

Queens, you should NOT be eating seedless fruits of any kind because they are not real God made fruit that grew in nature, they are hybrids and they can NOT reproduce!

Everything God made started with a seed and it can reproduce over and over again!

(Genesis 1:29-31 )

( Genesis 1:11)

They are man made fruits that are Genectially Modified and full of chemicals that can bring harm to us!

Please stop feeding them to your children!

They are not natural and they are not naturally sweet, they are hybrids and full of chemical man made sugar which can lead to a lot of health issues!

Of course people like them because they are easier to eat and you may think that you are eating healthy but I am sorry to inform you but you are not!

And of course seeded fruit is not easily found in todays markets and stores but you can definitely find it because I do.

There is no way that you can get a seedless piece of fruit naturally!

All fruits that God created came from a seed and that is all that we should be consuming!

And do you know that there is healing and nourishment for our bodies in the seeds?

But if there is no seed then that means that you are eating dead food meaning that you are eating food that has no nutritional value so its really pointless!

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