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"Green Goodness Smoothie Bowl"

This is nothing but pure raw goodness in a bowl!

Right now I am doing a 7 Day Raw Alkaline Vegan Cleanse and I must tell you, I am on day 3 and I am feeling pretty AMAZING!

I feel clean and light on the inside, my skin is glowing, my hair and scalp feel good, and I am shedding weight!

There is healing for the body in God made plant foods!

There are so many health benefits of going raw and I believe that everyone should give their digestive track a rest and take full advantage of the healing nutrients that can be found in uncooked plant based food!

Here's what I had for a snack and I wanted to share it with you!

Just blend up:

A small handful of Kale

1/2 cup of Frozen Mango

1/2 cup of frozen Peaches

1/2 cup of frozen avocado

3 Frozen Baby Bananas

4 Dates (please remove the seed)

A small piece of Ginger

1 cup of Spring Water

Blend all ingredients until smooth and then pour it in a bowl and layer the top with the fresh fruit, nuts, & seeds of your choice!


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