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Handmade Soap Vs Store Bought Soap


it is a very big deal!

We bathe/shower each day but do we really know how many harmful chemicals that we are putting on our skin, which is being absorbed into our bloodstream? And some are also putting these chemicals on our children's young delicate skin as well!

Commercial store bought soaps have been around for a very long time and they are very often encouraged through the media and even some doctors have even recommended using these harsh soaps for healthy skin care and a lot of people grew up using some of these soaps without even knowing the truth about the chemicals that lie beneath.

Commercial soaps are massed produced in factories and warehouses and are often made with cheap chemical detergents, hardners, synthetic fragrances, and lathering agents. Some of these toxic ingredients can be very drying or irritating on the skin stripping it of all it's natural oils and moisture leaving it extremely dry and itchy.

And on the other hand, handmade soap is made locally in small batches, using only the best farm raised plant based ingredients that can only be found in nature and that are definitely easy to pronounce!

They are full of essential oils, plant based oils, butters, herbs, botanicals, grains, etc which are all nourishing, healing, and moisturizing food for the skin. I encourage you to try handmade soap if you haven't already, see and feel the difference!

What is your skin eating?

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