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What is the Difference Between Juicing & Blending

Both juicing and blending makes it easier to consume and get more fruits and veggies in your diet.The biggest difference is really the equipment that you use . Personally, I love blending (Smoothies) because when you blend your fruits and veggies all the fiber stays in and you get every bit of that goodness. Also with the blending method, you get a thick smoothie packed with all the minerals and nutrients from the fruits and veggies with the pulp included which helps you feel full longer.

As far as juicing goes, you get a juice drink which does not include any pulp,. However, juicing is great too because just the juice is being extracted from the fruits and veggies which makes it much easier to digest. Experts say that the nutrients in just one cup of juice is highly concentrated and gives your body the perfect amount of fruits and veggie that you need for that day.

So, you just have to figure out what works best for you but as for me and my house, we want all the pulp with all the awesome fiber and nutrients that we can get so we are

# smoothieloversforlife!

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