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Queens, as you know or maybe you didn't know but for the entire month of December, I am celebrating my Salon 10th year anniversary and I am so excited because I will be celebrating the entire month and there will be giveaways, raffles, product sales and promotions all month long and I wanted to do something special for my loyal faithful clients that have been a blessing to my life and my business!

I will be hosting a private "Client Appreciation Day" just for my clients ONLY in their honor!

Plus, I know that I have a lot of online customers that live in different states that don't come to me but they do buy my Vegan Products so I plan to honor them too!

I know that they can't be here but their goodies will be mailed out to them so that I can show my appreciation to them as well!

I need all of my clients that plan to attend the reception to please RSVP as soon as possible so that I can have a head count for the sake of the food and the gifts!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I thank God for surrounding me with such lovely clients and online customers as you!


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