Vegan Hair Survival Wellness Kit!

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Hey Queens, I know that my Salon has been closed every since April and now it will be another month before I can reopen but just because the Salons are closed doesn't mean that your hair and scalp has to suffer and not continue to get the necessary nutrition and nourishment that it needs to stay healthy!

The Lord put it on my heart to make these kits using the same vegan and natural products that I use on clients at the Salon! All of my products are chemical free and they are all created with the best plant based ingredients that nature has to offer!

My products will feed your hair and scalp with total nourishment, prevent damage, and give it all the natural goodness that it needs to stay healthy and beautiful! 

Included are:

Rosemary Mint Cleansing Tea (Shampoo) 8oz

Strawberry Banana Leave In Smoothie 8oz

Rosemary Seed & Grapefruit Buttercream 4oz

Rosemary Mint Scalp Oil 4oz

Sweet Delights Hair Perfume 2oz

Essential 7 Herbal Hair Mask 4oz (A Herbal powder mask that just needs water added to it to create a paste that will deep condition your hair, increase the blood circulation in the scalp for hair growth, control dandruff, soothe irritated scalp, and help prevent hair loss!