This tea is a natural anti- inflammatory tea that supports the health of your heart, skin, mobility, and entire digestive system!  It helps reduce stress and boost your overall energy naturally without caffiene or any other chemicals! Each tea bag is enough for 1 6oz cup and once its steeped, the infusion releases a fragrant pineapple and papaya aroma and the golden taste of sweet apple with fresh kiwi!You can enjoy this exciting sweet and fruity tea hot for a delicious fruity tisane or you can have it iced for a juicy fruit sensation! Included: 6 Tea bags and each bag makes a cup. Add Agave which is a natural plant derived sweetner from the Catus plant 🌱 (which happens to be my favorite) or Stevia for those of you that enjoy using that natural sweetner.And this is optional but for a little extra burst of flavor, you could squeeze in a few drops of lemon/lime. Again, this optional. Ingredients: Crisp apple bits, blueberry bits, dragon fruit bits, pinneapple bits, kiwi bits, papaya bits & sea buckthorn