Queens, it's time to rejuvenate, relax, and indulge in total pampering! This is a herbal lifestyle kit for those of you that need to unwind and let go of the stress and spend a little "me time" doing the things that make you feel good.

This kit includes:

(1) 4.5 oz Herbal Soap

(1) 4oz New Fall Soap

(1) 4oz "Pamper Me" Body Scrub

(1) 4oz "Pamper Me" Body Butter

(1) 8oz  "Soak That Stress Away" Bath Salt

(1) 1oz "Sweet Blossom" Perfume Oil

(1) 1oz "All tThings Natural" Deodorant

(1) Package of Wellness Herbal Tea


So why not treat yourself to a litttle? Because you deserve it and because your health is worth it!